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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 26, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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up next, pilots admit why they overshot their airport by a hundred miles. for a second time in weeks, an off-duty police officer dies in a crash in baltimore county. you have good credit but you're a bad customer. eyewitness news snow. >> this is wjz tv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city, to the counties to your neighbor. now complete coverage, wjz, maryland's news station. no distraction and no dozing, the pilots of the northwest flight that overshot their destination are coming clean about what they were really doing. >> here's what people will be talking about: breaking news on the pilots who ignored air traffic controllers and flew
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150-miles past their destination. new information about the incident. >> reporter: they were out of communication for about an hour. they were second away from sending fire jets, minutes ago they admit they were on their laptop computers going over their schedules. they were instructing on monthly flight crew scheduling. >> safety investigators continue to inview the attendants. a dozen americans have died. it is the deadly reminder as president obama tries to find a new strategy in the 8-year-old war. >> they don't know what cause the two helicopter crashes but ruled out enemy fire, 14 americans died in afghan monday
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in two separate helicopter crashes. one of the key allies say that the commander in chief needs to weigh all option. >> we have to choose a smart way forward so no one is compelled to ask if we made a mistake. >> reporter: the president met today debating whether sending another 40,000 troops to afghanistan could change the course of the war. weighing over the talks at the white house is the growing number of u.s. casualties, it's deadliest year since the war began as the numbers pressure rather than something sooner than later. >> in we can get forces in, we will not have lost critical time. time matters, with every
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passing day, we risk the success of the mission. >> it pushed back the taliban. monday's death show that the cost of the mission is getting higher and higher. in washington, wjz eyewitness news. >> three of the americans killed were federal drug enforcement agents. a woman could face charges in an accident that claimed the life of an off-duty police officer. jeffrey neral was on his harley motorcycle going to work. a car pull out in front of him. jeffrey neral was thrown from the bike. a caroll county man refused bail after the hit-and- run of the student. he was taken into custody for the crash that killed killed
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the student. he has 8 previous d ui arrests, he was out on $100,000 bail from another hit-and-run crash. he's not been charged with the death. the san jose police department are accuse of beating an unarmed university student. the cell phone video of the beating is making its rounds on the internet. we want to warn you, some of the video is disturbing. >> reporter: the video quality is gray, but the sound of the 20-year-old and the screams come through loud and clear. san jose police officers were trying to arrest him after his roommate called the police. he had no knife in his hands when they arrive and four
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officers took him down and beating him after he was in handcuffs. another roommate took this video with the cell phone. >> three or four more guys come and hit me. >> the officers were yelling at him, since english is his second language, he did not understand and he was only begging for mercy. at one point, the officers uses a taser on him. the father officers involved are on leave and under criminal investigation. >> i don't think anybody who watches that video can have a reaction other than being concern and having questions. when you see that video you say why are they in the room, what just happened to lead up to this event, why are they using the level of force they're using? >> they could be fired. >> we could change in the bay area. >>reporter: the math major is
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also recovering from a taser burn and cuts that required staples in his heads and legs. proof he was not treated like a human being. >> the attorney says it leaves out details to show why they acted as they did. if you're a registered sex offender in baltimore, you better follow the no contact with children law this halloween halloween. the halloween surprise police have in store. >> reporter: undercover police officers will make sure registered sex offenders are in compliance with their probation. they are not allowed to decorate their homes, all blinds and curtains off an all lights must be turned off. it's designed to keep trick or treaters from approaching the home. violations of the no contact owner means the offender must
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return to court and then jail. >> it's possible because of a grant through the governor's office. >> new information about the number of doses of the h1n1 virus vaccine. in tonight's flu watch, the latest on the vaccine shortage in maryland. >> maryland orders doses of the vaccine if the government. people across the state have no choice but to wait their turn. >> across the state, people spent hours waiting in line at various clinics. many were turn away. >> our pediatricians don't have the vaccinations. >> the president declared the flu a national emergency giving health officials permission, 46 states dealing with out breaks with a thousand deaths and
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20,000 hospitalizations. a massive delay threatens more to come. dozens of family members remembered the college student at a viewing service. they believe he's among the victim of h1n1 virus. >> it's devastating, people need to know what it can do. they need to get out and get their kids vaccinated. >> reporter: brooks died after suffering flu symptoms. they even amputated his legs. they're now focused on his memory. >> it makes me happy knowing my brother was in my life. >> reporter: they are trying to determine if his death was related to the h1n1 virus. >> the government expects to have doses out bit november. there's one scheduled on friday at the theater as always, first
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come first serve. reporting in federal hill, wjz eyewitness news. >> for all the information on h1n1 virus, log onto it is open season for black bears in the woods of western maryland today. hunting only allowed in allegheny counties. it's sparked controversy with animal rights activists. >> after a rather mile weekend, it's feeling like fall outside. right now it's partly sunny and warmed up a bit. we have weather and traffic together. we have the updated numbers. still a pretty monday. >> it's a pretty nice one. we have some changes on the way, so enjoy today. this is our next change in the weather. the storm system coming up the
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coast, spreading in clouds and rain tomorrow and then there's another one behind it. down in this region here, everywhere from arkansas into texas, the more rain that follows for wednesday, we have that complete forecast coming up. thank you. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> nothing too serious going on. but we have a bunch of wrecks in the city. one on interstate avenue at 95. another one on bel-air at glenn more. one more in annapolis and as far as delays goes there's the topside looking good at green spring. a 3-minute setback on charles. there's the west side looking good at baltimore national pike. the cochran firm
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still ahead, expensive concessions, disney agrees to give parents refunds on einstein products and you'll never believe why. saying good-bye and good luck to a protector. that story coming up. it's sunny, typical mid- october weather. get your first-warning forecast. complete coverage continues
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when it comes to constipation relief... miralax is the one. it's the one. the one recommended by more doctors. only miralax is clinically proven to relieve constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax is the only one. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax. it's just been revealed that six researchers at harvard university were poison. all six drank from coffee from a machine tainted with a
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chemical used in laboratories. the researchers all worked in the pathology department using mice. harvard is investigating and security is being tightened as we speak. fidel castro's younger sister says she helped the cia gather information in the '60s, just recently revealed in her new book she spied for three years against her brother's regime. he passed secrets until '64 when she went into exile in the united states. it hits store shelves this week. the baltimore city police department says good-bye to one of their longest-serving sergeants. we were there for the retirement celebration. >> reporter: from the outside, he may seem like a hard tough guy, but looking at the dozens
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of comrades that showed up to say good-bye, it's clear he is love and respected. >> i am a sergeant. that's what i am. >> he served in vietnam and served baltimore, not taking one sick day. >> it didn't went a crime was solved, years later he consoled parents of victims. interns worked below him. >> he really was one of the best supervisors up there. >> the commissioner says last year was a 30-year low for murders in baltimore. >> what hurts of leaving now is that i was some able to serve so many murders of the several thousand we have. >> but he says he's leaving
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his work and legacy in good hands. in baltimore city police headquarters, wjz eyewitness news. >> the sergeant received many awards. a rocky start on wall street. the dow was up this morning, but tumbled this afternoon. it was down 10 4 points. let's go to new york where we're at the money watch update. >> homemakers are negotiated to extend and gradually reduce an $8000 tax credit for first- time home buyers. they're under pressure from home builders to extend the credit before it expires, the tax credit with low mortgage rates have given a boost to home sales. it's added a million cell phone
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customers but profits sank because many customers and businesses are giving up land lines. verizon is struggling with customers eliminating the hard wife service. average circulation fell 11% compared to the same time last year. a drop in advertising has forced many papers including the new york times to layoff workers. the top selling paper is the wall street journal. disney offers refunds to millions of parents who bought the dvds, some say it could harm a child's development. they are offering refunds up to 4 dvds and.
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pucker up, that's what a group of people in germany did as they tried to kiss a world record good-bye. thousands locked lips in berlin to set a new record but they fell short, 7000 kissers needed to set the multiple locations record but just under 5,000 made contact. kiss her. >> hey, now. oh, yeah. >> it's not winning, it's how you play the game. >> i guess they will kiss the record good-bye. coming up, missing from washington state, a young woman with no memory found wondering in new york city. >> reporter: i'm ron matz tonight baltimore honors number 5, the greatest 3rd baseman of all time. went joy sunshine, there's rain on the way, get your forecast.
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complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. >> crystal clear,. >> it is beautiful. sunshine coming out. some of the high clouds. that's about it. comfortable, you need to jacket but not bad outside. this is what we did today so far. temperature-wise, topping out at 61 degrees and the winds turning around to the east and across the region keeping temperatures in check. you see 56 in oak land to 61 in ocean city. across the region, the winds turning around because there's a new storm and it's off to the south, it's associated with the same storm that moved through over the weekend and it's going to move back to the north. that's why we have the high clouds in place but those will thicken up and the rain moves our way tomorrow. you notice to the southwest, there's a second storm out there. that's going to become our
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problem into wednesday, not a real break in between this graeme storm and the went's some -- this storm and wednesday's storm. here's the southern one going to make its way north ward and here's the second one, going to bring us a better chance of rain. it gets out of here and the clouds lingering through the night and on thursday, we start to warm up again. it comes together like this, on the waters winds around the northeast 5-10 knots. not much of a factor. temperature down to 59 degrees. tonight, we are going down to about 46. the clouds come in and take over but then tomorrow as we head through the day, this is not the right forecast, we'll have to update that. but tomorrow, about 59 for our high. and the clouds take over and some rain breaking out,
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tomorrow 59, rain and drizzle and the rain could pick up into the day on wednesday and then after that, we're going to see a warming trend for the end of the week. >> not bad. >> just a reminder, don't miss the prime time lineup. at 10:00, csi miami followed by eyewitness news. ravens are back in action this sun, they're home to take on the denver broncos. stick around after the game for the post-game show with director. then it's air tran football talk with mary bubala. that's live downtown. it's katie couric has a preview of what is coming up tonight. >> reporter: how a father is
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helping his adoptive son overcome the challenges they both face. you pay your bills in full each month, why do some say you're a bad customer. >> building an immunity. the u.s. cities spared by dangerous bug. eyewitness news continues after this.
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from the city, to the counties to your neighborhoods, now it's complete coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. it is 4:28, 61 degrees and mostly sunny. thank you for joining us. >> here's what people will be talking about: the h1n1 virus is rapidly spreading this fall causing panic amidst a vaccine short and. some cities are catching a break. karyn brown explains why in tonight's flu watch.
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>> ron williams is pounding the pavement to avoid h1n1 virus. >> the train is a place you can catch it at. >> reporter: williams walks instead of taking public transportation, now officials say new york and other major cities hid hard in the spring are seeing less of the virus this fall. >> we're not seeing an increase in the emergency rooms with the illness. so it's not spreading widely in the city. >> reporter: the same is true in boston and philadelphia. doctors believe it's because so many have built up an immunity. >> after someone has been exposed, they have high levels of antibiotics. >> up to a million people were infected with h1n1 virus in the spring. 10% have a resistance to the virus. >> if there's a lot of immune
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individuals in a population, then a new agent isn't going spread much. >> states in southeast are seeing a big jump this fall. but the peak of the flu season is december to march, you should be vaccinated and this new yorker. >> i wash my hands. >> reporter: they're not taking chances. karyn brown, wjz eyewitness news. stay with us for complete flu-watch coverage, for a list of locations near you and important information on who is eligible, go to a teenager found wandering around new york city suffering from amnesia has been identify. >> reporter: new york city police officers found the girl near a homeless shelter two
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weeks annie ago and she say she couldn't remember her name. they made a plea for help. >> i don't know. someone finally recognized the photo and identified her as an 18-year-old of washington state. back to you. thank you. casey's father reported her missing on october first. they didn't issue an alert because they found bank activity that she was alive. investigators are looking at a new forensic evidence in the lockerbie bombing. he's the only one convicted in the bombing in '88. they are conducting a new review to determine if someone
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helped him. >> the -- jeffry picower was found yesterday at the bottom of the pool at his palm beach mansion. some believe he was the biggest beneficial beneficiary of the bernard madoff scheme. >> a bank of america credit card and pays off her balance. >> earlier this month, bank of america started notifying customers that they will be charged $99. >> there's a big segment of the population that they never made money off of. >> bank of america said in a statement, at this point we're testing the fee on a small
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number of accounts and haven't made a final decision. citigroup is trying out an annual fee. banks are starting to charge customers. card holders receive a new fee notice in the mail will be in a no-win situation. >> they can pay the fee or they can close the account f. they close it, they are going to hurt their credit scores. >> the banks are trying to figure out what their customers will tolerate. many say they cancel cards with a high fee. >> i don't think it's fair. >> encouraging you to be a bad creditor. it would not be tolerated. >> companies call it an experiment. whether they stick is whether customers are willing to pay for something that's been free
4:35 pm
for so long. industry experts say other banks are charging inactivity fees for customer who is don't use their credit cards. new information for parents who purchased a toy made by disney. some researchers concluded that the dvds may harm development. disney announced the decision to offer refunds after being threatened with legal actions. >> you can get refunds up to 4 baby einstein videos. it's a beautiful start to the final week of october. looking outside, we're coming to the end of a sunny day, there could be more rain in store for us today. bob has the updated numbers.
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>> just pleasant and the trees at their peek, beautiful and the leaves are coming down. let's look at radar, nothing around here but as you mentioned, there's a chance of rain coming, two sources of rain, one big one to the west and another one off of the coast. this one up the coast, it's light, we'll see a little rain tomorrow and on wednesday, the second batch moves our way, two chances of rain and we'll see 1/2" to an inch in some spots before the day wednesday is finish. that's the midweek forecast. thank you. let's check in on the roads with sharon gibala at wjz track control. we're not doing bad on the roads at all, not many accidents are delays. the accidents we have are not too serious. one on 95 northbound. and then a few more in the city interstate at o'donnell.
4:37 pm
you're looking at one more in annapolis at chase street at constitution avenue. only a delay on the outer loop. otherwise you can see speeds close to full speed on the topside inner loop as well as the west side loop. there's the west side looking good at baltimore national pike. topside wide open. you have to tap your brakes at charles. this report brought to you by serious. serious-- sears. visit to learn more. 23 seasons with the orioles, 16 golden gloves, the american league, those are the accomplishments of brooks robinson. they're paying tribute. >> again, brooks.
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>> nobody did it better at third base than the orioles brooks robinson. he will be honored at the hall as baltimore pays tribute to the most beloved orioles of all time. >> i have wonderful memoryies. >> norman rockwell even honored him with a famous portrait. >> to me, a blue-collar town. if you give a little, these people are going to love you. it's a wonderful place, raised my family here and have several of my children here and grandchildren here. but i think that's the way it is. >> former teammates say there was no one like number 5. >> brooks is truly one of the
4:39 pm
all-time great permits in this game. not just one of the great third baseman of the game. >> he asked that money be donated to the cancer society. he was treated for prosthetic tate cancer. if it was a picture or autograph, humility is his middle name. >> i was born with it. i love every minute of it now, i like to walk down the street and say hey brooks you signed my ball in '63, you remember that? >> i'm shire -- sure he does. tonight's event is a benefit for the birthplace foundation. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00, ticketed by police for not speaking english? surfers swept away.
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how he survived 14 hours at sea. find your umbrella. get your updated first warning forecast.
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raising money and hope to catch a killer. fundraiser for somer thompson's murder case. the first grader went missing on the way home from school and her body found in a georgia landfill. a difficult good-bye to a rising athletic star killed while attending a university of connecticut event. they arrived in florida today to honor jasper howard. no one charged in his death. >> for more than a hundred
4:44 pm
potential jurors including the first criminal trial that comes from the raid of a ranch 430 children taken from the zion ranch in texas, now 12 men in court facing charges. jury selection began for the men accused of rape and bigamy. they will be the first to go on trial facing charges of sexual assault and bigamy. the other 11 defendants try at different times later this year. all but 5 of the children taken were later returned to their familyies. >> five people kill when an apartment collapses in spain. crews comb through the building
4:45 pm
in search of survivors. police describe it as old but did not know when it was built. a dangerous rock slide closes a north carolina road for months. the rock slide happened on route 40 near the tennessee border. a contractor will start working immediately. >> getting a ticket for a u- turn is normal,. >> she was confused, she was upset, she didn't understand the ticket until i told her what it was. >> she was taking another daughter to school and was cited for making an illegal u- turn and not for having a license and for now being proficient is english. >> i feel that it should have never happen to my mom. she felt bad and stressing,
4:46 pm
gave us a bad experience. >> reporter: her limited english has never been a problem before. this afternoon, the officer apologized on behalf of the department. >> is this something i wish hadn't happen. >> this is an important issue and i want to be sure that the public understands that this was a mistake that will never happen again. >> it has in the past. the chief said she was the latest of 38 other similar citations. the english charge coming up on a drop down menu of 1100 possible citations, the officers issuing the 38 tickets and their supervisors should have known better and they will all be investigatorred. >> the field training officer is going to bear more
4:47 pm
responsibility. >> a latino police group agreed with the chief. >> they should be held accountable like everyone else. in my opinion, they need to be held more accountable. >> those who have paid the fine will be reimbursed. investigators found the life jacket belonging to the missing kayaker. the search for douglas winter, they found a prescription pill bottle in one of the pockets. they found the kayak on the same day he went missing. a survivor trapped in the texas gulf. the currents pushed him 14- miles away from shore on friday. he survived by paddling to keep his temperature up and spotted an oil rig where they gave him
4:48 pm
food and a place to warm up and a phone to call his wife. he plans to hit the surf again. exclusive access to rod stewart's home. >> coming up, inside rod stewart's $40 million mansion. only mary was invited to belt out a classic in his home recording studio. >> the same old song. >> let's talk about soul book. >> i have waited a lifetime to do this album. ♪ [ music ] >> it is tribute to his favorite soul sippers of all time, but his wife also provided inspiration. >> the most difficult song i seen was a song called higher. your love takes me higher.
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my suggested it. >> you know, what penises goes. >> yeah. >> and then it was time for mary to be a backup singer. >> also tonight, the trump details only we can share with you. rosy opens up about her split. can 50,000 dancers set a world record? you'll find out on entertainment i want. that's at 7:30 here on wjz 13. some breaking news. live in sky chopper 13. >> reporter: we are at a shooting scene which occurred at baltimore county. the victim apparently, the shooting occurred in the 1300 block of dark myth road. several teenagers inside a house when someone fired a gun.
4:50 pm
apparently several teenagers ran from the scene. one show up at the pal center on taylor avenue about 1/2 mile from the scene. that teenager has been shot in the leg. no word on his condition at this point. he'll be taken to a hospital. baltimore police remain at the actual location conducting their investigation. no wore on suspects. thank you. >> there is some rain on the way. >> bob has your first warning weather forecast after this.
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the sunshining, nice day, enjoy it because this time tomorrow we'll have some drizzle, cooler temperatures. let me show you temperature- wise temperature-wise, pleasant afternoon. east winds at 7 and the east winds continue tomorrow and wednesday and because of that,
4:54 pm
it will continue to bring in moisture, dew point comes up, humidity coming up. 30.27. it falls tonight and tomorrow. temperature-wise, 55 in oak land. 64 in hagerstown. ocean city at 61. 64 in d.c. later tonight, we have more clouds and the dew point coming up. tomorrow morning, perhaps a little drizzle breaking out. don't expect a lot of rain. the east winds continue to moisten things up. 9 in ocean city. the wind bring in the moisture, a second system that's moving in our general direction. that will bring rain on tuesday, the low pressure off of the east coast, it's moving up the east coast and kicks the moisture in and clouds up tonight, a little bit of rain
4:55 pm
tomorrow. don't expect a lot. most off-shore. maybe some drizzle and fog and then wednesday the second system moves in with a shot of decent rain, we could see 1/2" in some spots, maybe an inch of rain. this past weekend, many areas had 1 1/4" of rain. this october getting pretty wet. northeast win at 5-10 knots. bay temperature around 50. tomorrow upper 50s only, little bit of rain but a lot of clouds. not a perfectly beautiful day. but you know it's the end of october. hasn't been that terrible. a little wet for the weekend, that's the problem. >> still to come, prosecutors say that the man involve in the fatal hit-and-run of a johns
4:56 pm
hopkins student was driving irratic around baltimore for hours. why
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next, we're following breaking news involving two teenagers. it turned into easy money for politicians. >> i'm at city hall with the investigation. new details surface about
4:59 pm
the h1n1 vaccine shortage, as the president confirms the swine flu as an emergency. hi everybody i'm sally thorner. >> and kai jackson. we begin with breaking news. lets go to captain mike perry with the very latest, mike. >> reporter: the 1300 block of tharsmund avenue. police received a call of a possible shooting or shots fired. officers responding to the area apparently received information


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